Wednesday, January 21, 2009

'YFE School of Excellence - prayatna' started on 5th Jan2009

The number of migrant population is increasingly growing in the metros. Along with this, problems associated with migration are also escalating. The most notable problem is the education of the children of these people.

Cyber city Gurgaon is also facing this problem and an estimated 1.5 lakh migrant children are still not enrolled in any school of the city. Most of them are occupied in different industries of the city and are increasing ‘child labour’ problem. To cater their needs, YFE Education Cell has taken initiative of opening a ‘primary school’ with the support of people of ‘Mullahera’ village. YFE volunteers started school on 5th January 2009. ‘Sarpanch’ of ‘Mullahera’ has given panchayat land to YFE for this noble cause and assured his full support.

Survey has already been conducted to identify children in nearby slums and now they are coming for their regular classes. Besides our own volunteering efforts, retired school teachers are also providing their services to the school.

Overall, we are concentrating on the following issues in our ‘School of Excellence’ named ‘Prayatna’
1) Most of the children are drop outs from government schools, so our main emphasis will be re-admission of these children in the neighborhood schools.
2) To retain children in school is our prime concern. Attendance should not drop significantly at any point of time. To attain this goal YFE volunteers will be visiting to their home place or slums fortnightly.
3) Check the progress of each child weekly and emphasize on all possible ways to provide good, quality education. We will update progress report of each child online at school blog for review.

Our goal is put the children back into the formal schools as early as possible.

Blog is created to cover all happenings and objectives of school.

‘Service to mankind is service to god’ inspired by these words ‘Prayatna’ is been functioning at 'Nai Harijan chaupaal', near Gurudwara, Mullahera village, Gurgaon distt.
For more details please contact YFE Education cell at any time.
Contact Person: Praneet - +91 99900 94245, Sonali - +91 98916 98862, Mohit - +91 99113 77782
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