Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bihar Flood Relief Work

Doctors For You” is launching a massive flood relief operation in Bihar with over 1500 specialist doctors & other volunteers, in association with Indian Railways & Youth For Equality. We will not only be treating the injured & diseased, but also be preparing to tackle the aftermath of the floods.
Indian Railways is providing all Infra structure support to Doctors For You for this initiative.
The destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina, Orissa cyclones & recent tsunami pale in comparison, when we look at the magnitude of destruction caused by this flood. And this has resulted in the biggest ever evacuation of people witnessed in the history of mankind. Towns after towns are being converted into ghost places. Hundreds of thousands of people are lacking food, medicine and drinking water--and the situation could get worse.

In the 1st phase of operation, we will be targeting the six worst affected districts namely, Supaul, Saharsa, Madhepura, Araria, Purnia & Katihar. Our interim relief team is already in the process of setting up control rooms at Mansi & Katihar railway stations for this operation. In the 2nd phase, we will be undertaking rehabilitative work for 3 month after the floodwaters recede.

We appeal to all to help the victims of this catastrophe by sending food, clothes, medicines, waterproof tents, cooking utensils & water purification plants.

We call upon every human being with a conscience to show solidarity with the victims of this catastrophe by immediately extending all kinds of help in our relief, rescue & rehabilitation operations. Next week or next month may be too late.


Those who wants to volunteer (Medical or Non Medical) Please contact us on following No
Dr. Ravikant Singh
Chief Coordinator,
“Doctors For You” =+91-9324334359
Jainendra Kumar
+91 - 9811382902
Patron, “Doctors For You”
Dr KaushalKant Mishra, Youth for Equality,+91-9868340420

For extending any material &/or financial support
Kindly contact -
Helpline Numbers – Mumbai – +91 - 9324334359, 9821871945
New Delhi- +91 – 9811382902,9868340420
Patna - +91 – 9308022326, 9234616135

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Doctors/Volunteers required for Bihar Flood Relief Work

To address the prevailing national calamity in Bihar, shortly a team of Doctors and Volunteers will be heading towards the various flood affected districts of Bihar. “YOUTH FOR EQUALITY” in collaboration with the Mumbai based “DOCTORS FOR YOU” and “INDIAN RAILWAY” preparing the logistic to implement the rescue plan. Considering the prediction of future flow of water in Kosi River particularly from Nepal, the scenario will remain same for few days which needed to be addressed without delay. This requires stationing of volunteers in Bihar for some days. Doctors from various parts of India will be traveling to undertake rescue related work and accompanying volunteers will share the responsibility of management. We require volunteers/doctors at this hour of need to help a large section of humanity in Bihar. Please contact us for participation in this rescue work and to offer any kind of service.

Dr. Ravikant Singh ,KEM Medical College, Mumbai
Mobile: 09324334359 Email:

Brundaban Mishra, JNU New Delhi,
Moblie: 09868096337, Email:

(Hundreds of people have lost their lives since July and nearly 20 million affected as one of the worst floods in Bihar in a decade showed no signs of abating. The situation in the worst affected 17 districts remained grim. An alarming rise in water level due to heavy rains inundated fresh areas in Bhagalpur, Begusarai, Katihar, Samastipur and Khagaria districts. Since Kosi River, the sorrow of Bihar, suddenly changed its course after breaching its embankment in Nepal on August 18, Kosi has moved 120km eastward, inundating huge tracts of low land. The river continues to engulf more and more villages every day. In Madhepura district alone, 378 villages have been badly affected while the corresponding number in Supaul is 243. Other affected districts are Araria, Saharsa, Purnia, Katihar and Khagaria.)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Youth For Equality is contesting in DUSU elections

Youth For Equality is contesting in DUSU elections to be held on 5th September 2008. We are contesting for all the four posts of DUSU office bearers. All the four candidates have been chosen on the basis of our ideology.

For the post of President: Sasi Malviya, Ballot no: 6
For the post of Vice President: Chandan Kumar, Ballot no: 1
For the post of Secretary: Nilesh Pandey, Ballot No: 6
For the post of Joint secretary: Kumar Parashar, Ballot no: 2

Through this election we will make more and more students aware of the divisive reservation policy. We will continue to spread the message of SAY NO TO CASTE BASED RESERVATION. We will try to reach all the students of university and convince them about our ideology. Student to student contact will be our strongest mode of campaigning.

We appeal all the like minded students to extend their support and ensure victory of ANTI RESERVATION VOICE.

Our manifesto

If we get an opportunity as an representative of students, our focus would be on improvement of basic amenities for students in campus. SAVE YOUTH FOR BETTER NATION would be our agenda.

· Institution of campus placement cells in all colleges.
· Carrier counseling by renowned experts from different fields.
· Betterment of academic facilities in all colleges.
· Improvement of Transportation facility.
· Hostel facility for outstation students.

Left's opposition to the visit of Richard Boucher is extreme form of Hypocricy : YFE JNU

'Keep your doors and windows open; let fresh air and ideas come from all sides’ said Mahatma Gandhi. It is especially vital for a university, the embodiment of knowledge and tolerance. Censorship must not be allowed for the students as the students are adult and know how to absorb contents. Imposing one’s idea is like sharing brotherhood with Hitler and likes.
The visit of Mr. Richard Boucher, Asst. Secretary of State to JNU and the proposed left party’s opposition has been reducing the credential of JNU as a university of excellence. The protest bye the Left supported student organizations can be best explained as the handiwork of small time, illiterate and corrupt politicians, who do not believe in democratic norms and tolerance.
Youth For Equality believes that the visit of person of eminence to JNU, irrespective of their academic/political/national affiliations (unless and until they are criminal or convicted), must be promoted inside the campus, for it is the duty of the university to promote knowledge, debate, discussion and civilizational interaction.
Youth For Equality wonders how many students of this campus think an adverse tie with the United States especially in the backdrop of the fact that America is the biggest trade partner of India and India send the largest number of students to this country for higher study (including a large number of students from our own university) and as there are more than 2.2 Millions Indians are residing in the US.
JNU had signed more than 73 Memorandum of Understandings with various foreign universities. Majority of them are with American. Are the left oriented student organizations going to demand the scrapping of such agreement?

The communist have no reason to oppose because;
1) They never opposed US Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson, Jr. during his 28 October 2007 visit to Kolkata. Paulson, Jr. issued the following statement following a meeting with West Bengal Chief Minister Bhattacharjee: "The United States admires India's progress over the last decade as a result of economic reforms from leaders such as the Honorable Chief Minister. We discussed ways to increase investment in West Bengal. The U.S. is very interested in increasing such investment.

2) They never oppose Henry Kissinger’s visit to Kolkata on 3 November 2007. Kissinger, who was on a visit to the city, met Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee and had a closed-door meeting with him, which lasted for about 50 minutes. After the meeting Kissinger said, “The US had never thought India would lean towards that country”.

3) Prakash Karat, who opposed the nuclear deal and America in public but preferred US for his latest summer vacation in 2008.

There is another theory, developed with perfection to befool the Muslim community in India saying that it is against their interest to have good tie with the US. But the Muslim world thinks in a different fashion. Look at the trade relations of some of the Muslim countries:
Saudi Arabia: Exports - partners: US 16.8%, Japan 16.1%, South Korea 10.3%, China 7.8%
Imports - partners: US 12.6%, China 9.3%, Germany 8.8%, Japan 8.1%
Egypt: Exports - partners: US 9.9%, Italy 9.7%, Spain 7.8%, Syria 5.6%
Imports - partners: US 11.8%, China 9.7%, Italy 6.5%, Germany 6.4%
Oman: Imports - partners: UAE 19.7%, Japan 18%, US 7.5%, Germany 5.3%
UAE: Imports - partners: China 13.1%, India 10.2%, US 8.9%, Japan 6.2%,

YFE have no interest in promoting the US ideas in India or we hardly connect ourselves with the imperialistic policy of the US in Iraq or in other parts of the world. We oppose the Iraq occupation as even the US citizens are also opposing the Iraq occupation and the next US President Election will be tested on this issue as well. But we support Freedom of Expression, exchange of knowledge and understanding civilizations through dialogue and conversation. The name of JNU should not be defamed by obscurantist thought and mean political ideology/activity. We must end the culture of disruption inside the campus, which is now getting a regular feature. We appeal all the students to restrict the invasion of vested interest politicians and their followers.

Sd/ Sonam Grover Sd/ Deepika Singh

Saturday, August 16, 2008


On the evening of 15th of August 2008 when the nation celebrating Independence Day, Youth For Equality joined the country with a perfect celebration. The Youth For Equality, JNU organized a cultural evening at the School of Social Sciences Auditorium. It was another priced occasion; the Youth For Equality may cherish and harbor the happy memory for the time to come. The evening was full of Youthful events. The cultural evening was started with Extramural lecture by invited guests (Chief Guest Dr. Binod Khaitan, President, Faculty Association, AIIMS; Chief Speaker Shri Satya Prakash Aseem, Editor, Aaj; Guest of Honor Dr. Shiv Choudhary, AIIMS and Chairperson of the occasion Prof. Rakesh Bhatnagar, JNU). All the speakers touched upon subjects very close to the heart of every YFEians – how to grow and achieve the objective of making India a developed nation free from hunger, poverty, illiteracy and discrimination.

Anchor Sonam Grover and Vikram Singh threw the programme to the packed audience with a testament: Kuch baat hai humme; ki mit-ti nahin hai hasty; Sadiyon raha hai dusman; daure jahan hamara; Sare jahan se achha; Hindustan hamara. The evening started with patriotic songs performed by JNU students. It was followed by a series of Odissi dance, both solo and group, performed by acclaimed Odissi dancer Kalyani Behera.

As the evening proceeded, one after another song and calibrated dance performance presented to the audience. The cultural evening in JNU during the occasion of National Days is now becoming popular. The participation is not confined to the boundary of JNU only as students from other educational institutions – Maulana Azad Medical College, University College of Medical Sciences, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi University and Indraprasth University are also present on this occasion.

To give the cultural evening an international character, the organizers arranged a fusion music programme comprising of performers from India and Iran. It was an instrumental musical fusion of various instruments. The jugalbandi, the solo performance and the clapping from the present audience made this cultural evening a grand success. Gradually this event is getting more and more attention in the student community. It is an effort by Youth For Equality to engage youthful mind in the precious task of nation building and also to keep the students aware about the rich culture of India.

Certificate of excellence and participation was given to those who performed at the stage and to those who have worked for Youth For Equality. The programme ended with a promise to make it more inclusive and better next time.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Youth For Equality, Delhi University starts Satyagrah

As a part of its awareness campaign, Youth For Equality, DU is going to lanch Satyagrah. The main emphasis of this campaign is to make students aware of the falacies of the present caste based quota system and at the same time propogate the 'Deprivation Points' model suggested by Youth For Equality.

YOUTH FOR EQUALITY celebrating Independence Day

YOUTH FOR EQUALITY presents Cultural Evening

celebrating 62nd Independence Day of India


ProgrammeSpecial Events
Indo Iranian fusion From Iran and India,
Internationally acclaimed performance, never before in JNU
Indian classical Dance Odissi by Kalyani Behera
Musical performance Orchestra by Kamal and group
Many Scintillating Performances By Newcomers of JNU

Chief Guest: Dr. Vinod Khaitan (President Faculty AIIMS association)
Guest of Honour: Satya Prakash Aseem (Senior editor Aaj Hindi Daily)
Distinguished Guest: Prof. Sudha Bhattacharya (Eminent faculty, SES, JNU)
Event presided by: Prof. Rakesh Bhatnagar (Eminent faculty, SBT, JNU)

Venue: SSS I Auditorium, JNU, New Delhi

Time: 5:30pm
On: 15th Aug 2008