Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Youth For Equality is contesting in DUSU elections

Youth For Equality is contesting in DUSU elections to be held on 5th September 2008. We are contesting for all the four posts of DUSU office bearers. All the four candidates have been chosen on the basis of our ideology.

For the post of President: Sasi Malviya, Ballot no: 6
For the post of Vice President: Chandan Kumar, Ballot no: 1
For the post of Secretary: Nilesh Pandey, Ballot No: 6
For the post of Joint secretary: Kumar Parashar, Ballot no: 2

Through this election we will make more and more students aware of the divisive reservation policy. We will continue to spread the message of SAY NO TO CASTE BASED RESERVATION. We will try to reach all the students of university and convince them about our ideology. Student to student contact will be our strongest mode of campaigning.

We appeal all the like minded students to extend their support and ensure victory of ANTI RESERVATION VOICE.

Our manifesto

If we get an opportunity as an representative of students, our focus would be on improvement of basic amenities for students in campus. SAVE YOUTH FOR BETTER NATION would be our agenda.

· Institution of campus placement cells in all colleges.
· Carrier counseling by renowned experts from different fields.
· Betterment of academic facilities in all colleges.
· Improvement of Transportation facility.
· Hostel facility for outstation students.

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Anonymous said...

The Delhi University Students Union (DUSU) Elections will be held on September 4th. The last date for filling of nominations is August 25. On the same day, there will be scrutiny of nomination papers. In his capacity as patron of DUSU, the vice-chancellor has appointed Prof Gurmeet Singh of department of Chemistry as the Chief Election Officer, they said. Department of Chemistrys J M Khurana will be the Chief Returning Officer while Rajesh Tandon of Department of Botany has been appointed as the Returning Officer. For latest news and updates regarding DUSU Elections, Kindly visit DUSU Election Coverage.