Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Left's opposition to the visit of Richard Boucher is extreme form of Hypocricy : YFE JNU

'Keep your doors and windows open; let fresh air and ideas come from all sides’ said Mahatma Gandhi. It is especially vital for a university, the embodiment of knowledge and tolerance. Censorship must not be allowed for the students as the students are adult and know how to absorb contents. Imposing one’s idea is like sharing brotherhood with Hitler and likes.
The visit of Mr. Richard Boucher, Asst. Secretary of State to JNU and the proposed left party’s opposition has been reducing the credential of JNU as a university of excellence. The protest bye the Left supported student organizations can be best explained as the handiwork of small time, illiterate and corrupt politicians, who do not believe in democratic norms and tolerance.
Youth For Equality believes that the visit of person of eminence to JNU, irrespective of their academic/political/national affiliations (unless and until they are criminal or convicted), must be promoted inside the campus, for it is the duty of the university to promote knowledge, debate, discussion and civilizational interaction.
Youth For Equality wonders how many students of this campus think an adverse tie with the United States especially in the backdrop of the fact that America is the biggest trade partner of India and India send the largest number of students to this country for higher study (including a large number of students from our own university) and as there are more than 2.2 Millions Indians are residing in the US.
JNU had signed more than 73 Memorandum of Understandings with various foreign universities. Majority of them are with American. Are the left oriented student organizations going to demand the scrapping of such agreement?

The communist have no reason to oppose because;
1) They never opposed US Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson, Jr. during his 28 October 2007 visit to Kolkata. Paulson, Jr. issued the following statement following a meeting with West Bengal Chief Minister Bhattacharjee: "The United States admires India's progress over the last decade as a result of economic reforms from leaders such as the Honorable Chief Minister. We discussed ways to increase investment in West Bengal. The U.S. is very interested in increasing such investment.

2) They never oppose Henry Kissinger’s visit to Kolkata on 3 November 2007. Kissinger, who was on a visit to the city, met Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee and had a closed-door meeting with him, which lasted for about 50 minutes. After the meeting Kissinger said, “The US had never thought India would lean towards that country”.

3) Prakash Karat, who opposed the nuclear deal and America in public but preferred US for his latest summer vacation in 2008.

There is another theory, developed with perfection to befool the Muslim community in India saying that it is against their interest to have good tie with the US. But the Muslim world thinks in a different fashion. Look at the trade relations of some of the Muslim countries:
Saudi Arabia: Exports - partners: US 16.8%, Japan 16.1%, South Korea 10.3%, China 7.8%
Imports - partners: US 12.6%, China 9.3%, Germany 8.8%, Japan 8.1%
Egypt: Exports - partners: US 9.9%, Italy 9.7%, Spain 7.8%, Syria 5.6%
Imports - partners: US 11.8%, China 9.7%, Italy 6.5%, Germany 6.4%
Oman: Imports - partners: UAE 19.7%, Japan 18%, US 7.5%, Germany 5.3%
UAE: Imports - partners: China 13.1%, India 10.2%, US 8.9%, Japan 6.2%,

YFE have no interest in promoting the US ideas in India or we hardly connect ourselves with the imperialistic policy of the US in Iraq or in other parts of the world. We oppose the Iraq occupation as even the US citizens are also opposing the Iraq occupation and the next US President Election will be tested on this issue as well. But we support Freedom of Expression, exchange of knowledge and understanding civilizations through dialogue and conversation. The name of JNU should not be defamed by obscurantist thought and mean political ideology/activity. We must end the culture of disruption inside the campus, which is now getting a regular feature. We appeal all the students to restrict the invasion of vested interest politicians and their followers.

Sd/ Sonam Grover Sd/ Deepika Singh

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