Saturday, August 16, 2008


On the evening of 15th of August 2008 when the nation celebrating Independence Day, Youth For Equality joined the country with a perfect celebration. The Youth For Equality, JNU organized a cultural evening at the School of Social Sciences Auditorium. It was another priced occasion; the Youth For Equality may cherish and harbor the happy memory for the time to come. The evening was full of Youthful events. The cultural evening was started with Extramural lecture by invited guests (Chief Guest Dr. Binod Khaitan, President, Faculty Association, AIIMS; Chief Speaker Shri Satya Prakash Aseem, Editor, Aaj; Guest of Honor Dr. Shiv Choudhary, AIIMS and Chairperson of the occasion Prof. Rakesh Bhatnagar, JNU). All the speakers touched upon subjects very close to the heart of every YFEians – how to grow and achieve the objective of making India a developed nation free from hunger, poverty, illiteracy and discrimination.

Anchor Sonam Grover and Vikram Singh threw the programme to the packed audience with a testament: Kuch baat hai humme; ki mit-ti nahin hai hasty; Sadiyon raha hai dusman; daure jahan hamara; Sare jahan se achha; Hindustan hamara. The evening started with patriotic songs performed by JNU students. It was followed by a series of Odissi dance, both solo and group, performed by acclaimed Odissi dancer Kalyani Behera.

As the evening proceeded, one after another song and calibrated dance performance presented to the audience. The cultural evening in JNU during the occasion of National Days is now becoming popular. The participation is not confined to the boundary of JNU only as students from other educational institutions – Maulana Azad Medical College, University College of Medical Sciences, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi University and Indraprasth University are also present on this occasion.

To give the cultural evening an international character, the organizers arranged a fusion music programme comprising of performers from India and Iran. It was an instrumental musical fusion of various instruments. The jugalbandi, the solo performance and the clapping from the present audience made this cultural evening a grand success. Gradually this event is getting more and more attention in the student community. It is an effort by Youth For Equality to engage youthful mind in the precious task of nation building and also to keep the students aware about the rich culture of India.

Certificate of excellence and participation was given to those who performed at the stage and to those who have worked for Youth For Equality. The programme ended with a promise to make it more inclusive and better next time.

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