Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Father of Bamboo Craft Technology Prof. A.G. Rao to train Poors of Jharkhand

Prof. A.G. Rao (father of bamboo craft technology from IIT, Mumbai) came to Ranchi to train the bamboo craft technology to the poor section of society who gathered from all over the Ranchi District. Youth for Equality, Jharkhand took an initiative to invite Prof Rao to teach people of Lodhma village which is adopted by Y4E. But, now Prof. Rao has also agreed to teach bamboo technologist of entire Ranchi district. His training is scheduled to take place during 07-12-2010 to 14-12-2010. After that Assistant Professor of IIT Mumbai, Dr. Sandesh will take care for the next 6 months. In between Prof. Rao will be coming regularly for 4 weeks.

Panchayat election of Jharkhand of our adapted area is on 24th of December. All the preparation is going on.

Y4E, Jharkhand

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