Tuesday, February 8, 2011

YFE Plan to Adopt Another Village

After successfully adopting the Lodhma village in Ranchi district of Jharkhand, the team of Youth for equality is studying the prospect of adopting another village in Jharkhand. Youth for equality team members visited a village Sijhua of Echak block in Hazaribagh district of Jharkhand. The village Sijhua is around 55 km away from Hazaribagh. It is still untouched with development. Recently district administration has connected this village with a Kaccha road and electricity (3to 5 hrs/day). Sijhua village has one primary school which has been built recently. It is manned with 2 para-teachers who generally do not come to school to teach children. This village has 34 households with at least 150 people living. There is no lake, no river. The village has 3 handpumps out of which only two is functional. Source of livelihood is mainly cutting timber from the forest and selling it in nearby towns. Village does not have any primary health center and the nearest health facility available is in Hazaribagh. Similarly, youth for equality saw 2 more villages and is still going to few more villages to study their problems and prospects before deciding to adopt another village.

YFE, Jharkhand


Pankaj said...

Just want the contact numbers of YFE PPL.

Pankaj said...

I am trying to be in touch with YFE ppl, but i am unable to do so, because the phone numbers on the site do not work and the emails are not being answered to... If there is some one who is representing YFE, please call me @ 09711061711, New Delhi..... Thnaks

Pankaj Guleria
Mobile No-09711061711